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Digital Marketing

"Contructing Esteemed Digital Marketing Resources"

Using Traditional Marketing methods to communicate with customers is no longer a ideal option. Businesses have to move to methods which customers prefer - Digital Presence.

When we speak about Digital Marketing, our focus is on bridging right customers to your business using digital marketing tools to help your business grow as organisation and also in revenue. This in-turn helps your business in getting more traffic, leads and build stronger customer base & relations.

We offer an array of different types of services like SMO, SEM/PPC, SEO , Digital Marketing Analytics and Content Marketing.

Our Journey

We blend creativity with technology

With over decade long experience of successfully helping our client grow their businesses,we follow simple approach :

  • Strategy

    We help you plan your business journey to have best web presence and business results .

  • Analytics

    We analyse, measure, strategize your business needs to get best ROI.

  • Optimisation

    We optimise and improve results to generate profit for lower costs bringing growth and business success.

  • Scale

    We help you scale your business by attracting, converting, closing and bridging loyal customer relationship.


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Ongoing Maintainence Projects

Our Key Features

Why Us?

Our decade long experience provide outstanding results and allows us to better serve you. We create Meaningful, sustainable, beautiful digital experiences in sync with the behaviors and emotions of your target audience for overall business success.

Turn-key digital marketing solutions

Our organised digital marketing services help your business to build and engage a reliable and productive end results with long lasting impressions on your users.

360-degree of Digital Presence

We use 360-degree view of digital ecosystem and landscape to transform and strengthen social interaction and search visibility and communications collateral.

Comprehensive support

From providing the latest ideas to end support, digital presence to profits, our team offers comprehensive support to keep your business identity ahead of your competitors.

Customization Flexibility

We offer you full flexibility in generating best digital rank and visibility by enabling to connect with local customers as well as get you in front of new customers.

Testing and Improvements

We constantly do tracking, measuring and testing to polish your business visibility. Our team is always available to provide you with full support.

Effective Results

We design and execute effective digital marketing strategies aligned with your business needs so that it will increase your visibility, expand your reach and generate revenue.

Our Services

Digital Marketing Services

Services that unleashes the full economic potential of digital media


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is about a great user experience. We can help you integrate SEO strategy into your business presence.

Our wide range of SEO services are:

  • – Onsite Website Optimisation
  • – Offsite Optimization
  • – Local SEO Services
  • – SEO (National, Multi-location,Branding)
  • – Ecommerce, Wordpress SEO Services
  • – Link Building Services (Backlinks & authority)
  • – Mobile SEO Services
  • – SEO strategy and content
  • – SEO audits and benchmarks
  • – Landing Page & Reporting
  • – Product integrations

Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC)

PPC/SEM is about branding, accelerating sales and bringing more traffic to your website by campaigns. We can help you integrate SEO strategy into your business presence.

Our wide range of SEM/PPC services are:

  • – Search Advertising
  • – Display Advertising
  • – Google Adwords
  • – Facebook Advertising
  • – Instagram advertising
  • – LinkedIn Advertising
  • – Youtube Advertising
  • – Twitter Advertising
  • – A/B testing & performance tracking
  • – Remarketing
  • – Mobile Advertising

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

SMO is about branding, connectings and bringing more traffic to your website by social media. We can help you become exhibitionist and manage your presence on social media.

Our wide range of SMO services are:

  • – Social media management
  • – Social media strategy
  • – Social media moderation
  • – Social media audits & research
  • – Facebook Management
  • – Instagram Management
  • – LinkedIn Management
  • – Youtube Management
  • – Twitter Management
  • – Pinterest Management
  • – Content creating & publishing

Content marketing

Content marketing is about telling stories online and attracting people to your website. We can help you create touchpoints and engaging contents to reach right audiences in the complex modern marketing ecosystem.

Our wide range of content marketing services are:

  • – Microsites
  • – Copywriting
  • – Editorial strategy
  • – Content creation (written and visual)
  • – Editing
  • – Content distribution
  • – Marketing strategy
  • – Email marketing
  • – SMS marketing
  • – Landing pages
  • – Explainer videos
  • – Animated clips
  • – Mobile Advertising

Digital Marketing Analytics & Analysis

Content marketing is about converting user interactions into insights. We can help you increase your reach, revenue and solve complex business issues by closely monitoring your digital activities.

Our wide range of digital marketing analytics services are:

  • – Site behavior tracking
  • – Audience behavior analysis
  • – Engagement metrics
  • – Conversion optimization
  • – Search retargeting
  • – Web analytics
  • – Usability surveys
  • – A/B testing
  • – Trends research
  • – Competitor analysis
  • – Benchmarks

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Our Process

Digital Marketing workcycle

Initial discussion and Identify Objectives

We do initial dicussion to understand in-depth business requirements,goals and objectives. After inital audit,Our experts create a digital marketing layout to achieve your business objectives.

Account Management and Strategy

Our strategists, creatives and researchers work together to define platform-specific marketing strategies, social media management.

Analytics and Insights

Our experts collect data and generate insigths to help you overcome complex business challenges.


This makes us unique

360-degree digital ecosystem

Our expert team ensures tailored strategies for your business that guarantees you better results and to scale through optimisations and continual improvements.



We make websites work hard for you. We do this by generating and engaging users on your website through our expert strategies.


Latest Tools & Technology

We used latest tools & technology and features for your business needs.


Market Analysis

Our team work collaboratively on marketing strategies to achieve your business goals and uncover meaningful insight.



Web Design, Development, SEO, Digital Marketing in India - SLANG Software