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Content Marketing

"Attract,engage and educate your audience."

Words are mighter than sword ! Content is something that gives value to the readers.

Content marketing is not just creating content but also distributing and promoting to engage the target auidence and generate valure for years.

We create content that resonates with your customers because it is engineered and has agility, strategy, a willingness to provide value, and above all, persistence.Our content marketing services is well-crafted with strategies, has channel expertise and performance data to make better content that works harder for your business and achieves its full potential.

We have created creative and interesting content for websites, blogs, social networking sites, press releases, newsletters, articles, infographics, videos etc.

We offer an array of different types of services like Keyword Planning, Marketing Collerals, Content Analysis, Programmatic Marketing, Lead Generation, Audience Bucketing, Media Buying and more.

Our Journey

We blend creativity with technology

With over decade long experience of successfully helping our client grow their businesses,we follow simple approach :

  • Strategy

    We help you plan your business journey to have best web presence and business results .

  • Analytics

    We analyse, measure, strategize your business needs to get best ROI.

  • Optimisation

    We optimise and improve results to generate profit for lower costs bringing growth and business success.

  • Scale

    We help you scale your business by attracting, converting, closing and bridging loyal customer relationship.


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Projects Done


Ongoing projects


Ongoing Maintainence Projects

Our Key Features

Why Us?

Our decade long experience provide outstanding results and allows us to better serve us best.

Digital PR

Our organised content marketing services help your business to build, distribute, place content and engage a reliable content and productive end results with long lasting impressions on your users.

360-degree of Digital Presence

We use 360-degree view of digital ecosystem and landscape to transform and strengthen social interaction and search visibility and communications collateral.

Comprehensive support

From providing the latest ideas to end support, digital presence to profits, our team offers comprehensive support to keep your business identity ahead of your competitors.

Customization Flexibility

We offer you full flexibility in generating best digital rank and visibility by enabling to connect with local customers as well as get you in front of new customers.

Content Maintenance

We constantly do tracking, measuring and testing to polish your business visibility. Our team is always available to provide you with full support.

Effective Results

We design and execute effective digital marketing strategies aligned with your business needs so that it will increase your visibility, expand your reach and generate revenue.

Our Services

Content Marketing Services

Services to encourage engagement and stimulate response


Keyword Planning

Keyword planning is an important aspect of any digital marketing campaign. Use of correct approach to keyword planning, can drive traffic, generate leads & increase sales revenue with Better Brand Awareness

Our expert team reach on your needs and create a keyword planning strategy to accelerate your business.

We use the most relevant keywords that can get top sales funnels and generate the maximum value for your website and brand.


Content Evaluation

It is important to maintain the quality of content across platforms. Good content attracts readers and increases trafiic which ultimatley helps in higher ROI.

With the help of our expert content evaluation & execution services, it is easy to track your content matrics. We also create various actionable plan for improvement.

We audit your current content for accuracy , gaps, shortfalls, links, legal aspects, technical aspects etc.

Our experts also evaluates on architecture, reading levels, and tone of the content along with relevant keywords, making it easier for your audience to find your website.


Content Analysis

Content creation is important. But how the content is working or is it driving results as expected? Analysing these content is equally important.

Our team perform various analysis from looking at your current content and content fulfilments to check whether the content is correctly targeting the desired audience.

We also analyse if something is inaccurate or missing or outdated or what content should be published to get goof ROI.

We can get good ranking for your content with the help of our content analysis service as our team is expert in crafting, analysing and managing the content.


Video Creation & Production

Videos are best and direct way of showing your business offer. It has made things easier, attractive and appealing for the customers.

It is a great way for audience engagement and is impactful.

We develop completely unique video content in line with the journalistic and social media standards, keeping in mind both your brand and industry. We create Corporate Video, 2D and 3D Animation Videos, Explainer Video, Advertisement Video, Product Video, Infographic Video, etc.


Marketing Collaterals

Marketing Collaterals are information about your business. Whether it be company brochures, flyers, standee design, company profile to corporate presentation we can help you build relationship with your customers.

We are creative team with expertise in helping your business grow with our designs with all the important details are showcased attractively.

Our unique designs showcases your vision, ideas, high quality content, a streamline flow of ideas, customised designing and sheer brilliance with passionate appeal to customers with storyline.


Other Content Marketing Services

  • – Creative Content and Design
  • – Content Seeding and Promotion
  • – Digital/ Online PR
  • – Blog and Curated Content
  • – Product or Services Pages
  • – Content Copyrights
  • – Micro content

Want to grow your business? Let's Get started

Our Process

Content Marketing workcycle

Initial discussion and Identify Objectives

We do initial dicussion to understand in-depth business requirements,goals and objectives. After which ,Our experts creates tailored content based on your requiremnts.

Account Management and Strategy

Our team works together with you to define platform-specific content marketing strategies, social media management.

Analytics and Insights

Our experts collect data and generate insigths to help you understand overcome complex business challenges and generate revenues.


This makes us unique

Quality over quantity

Our expert team ensures tailored quality content for your business that guarantees you better results and to scale through optimisations and continual improvements.


Value proposition

We develop content that adds value to the people you want to serve with your value proposition.


Latest Tools & Technology

We used latest tools & technology and features as per your business needs.


Valuable digital marketing assets

Our team work collaboratively to produce valuable assets that continually deliver new leads adding significance to ypur business.

Our Agile Methodology

This is how we do it:

Initial discussion:

We dicuss with your team to get a thorough the understanding of all business requirements your project.

Goal alignment:

We collaborate with you to establish overall content objectives.

Ideation & research:

We help you craft a content strategy that meet your business goals,drives website visibility and engagement, and enables your sales goals.

Draft & polish:

We do all the writing and designing of your content assets,reflecting your brands voice make sure that it gets the attention of your audience.

Distribute & promote:

We ensure your content looks remarkeable on your website and promote it on all platforms and channels for achieveing the business goals.

Measure engagement:

We constantly moniter the progress,performance & visibility of your content assets for maximum efficiency to attracts prospects effectively.


Web Design, Development, SEO, Digital Marketing in India - SLANG Software