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Branding & Reputation Management

"Brand is a voice and loyalty is won by being best"

A brand is more than just the name, it reflects your company, a unifying force behind for business success. With the growing digital trends, online branding and reputation building is evey business needs to reach auidence.

Our turn key online brand and reputation management services can help you keep your business one step ahead. We can help you right from building your online corporate identity to building a strong web presence through our comprehensive services. We use creative strategies, search engine, social media , video marketing and many other tools that yield measurable results.

We offer an array of different types of services like Digital Branding Services, Brand Monitoring Services, Brand Protection Services, Online Reputation Management Services, Influencer Marketing, Blogger & Vlogger Management.

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Our Journey

We blend creativity with technology

With over decade long experience of successfully helping our client grow their businesses,we follow simple approach :

  • Strategy

    We help you plan your business journey to have best web presence and business results .

  • Analytics

    We analyse, measure, strategize your business needs to get best ROI.

  • Optimisation

    We optimise and improve results to generate profit for lower costs bringing growth and business success.

  • Scale

    We help you scale your business by attracting, converting, closing and bridging loyal customer relationship.


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Our Key Features

Why Us?

Our decade long experience provide outstanding results and allows us to better serve you. We create Meaningful, sustainable, beautiful digital experiences in sync with the behaviors and emotions of your target audience for overall business success.

Turn-key digital marketing solutions

Our organised digital marketing services help your business to build and engage a reliable and productive end results with long lasting impressions on your users.

360-degree of Digital Presence

We use 360-degree view of digital ecosystem and landscape to transform and strengthen social interaction and search visibility and communications collateral.

Comprehensive support

From providing the latest ideas to end support, digital presence to profits, our team offers comprehensive support to keep your business identity ahead of your competitors.

Customization Flexibility

We offer you full flexibility in generating best digital rank and visibility by enabling to connect with local customers as well as get you in front of new customers.

Testing and Improvements

We constantly do tracking, measuring and testing to polish your business visibility. Our team is always available to provide you with full support.

Effective Results

We design and execute effective digital marketing strategies aligned with your business needs so that it will increase your visibility, expand your reach and generate revenue.

Our Services

Branding & Reputation Management Services

Services that are creative,methodical, where design and content meets research and experience with consistency and authenticity .

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Digital Branding Services

Branding is a serious investment of both time and effort.

Digital Branding Services is identifying and turning insights into vision along with collecting target audience and design innovative ways to help brands move forward and improve strong customer connection.

We work collaboratively with you to identify goals, gather information, and derive results.

Our digital branding services are:

  • – Digital branding
  • – Brand strategy
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Brand Monitoring Services

Brand Monitering is about looking whats happening related to your brand on various digital platforms. We can help you keep a watch on the conversations happening online related to your company.

Our wide range of brand monitering services are:

  • – Domain name monitoring
  • – Internet monitoring
  • – Trademark watching
  • – Marketplace monitoring
  • – Phishing detection
  • – Social media monitoring
  • – Paid search monitoring
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Brand Protection Services

Brand protection is about protecting your brand image along with bulding customers loyalty.

We can help you to protect your brand reputation and building customer trust online with our devise and effective online brand protection strategies.

We do this by removing negative internet stories and ratings,fixing results from Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines, deleting ripoff reports and by eliminating cheater websites

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the right influencer campaigns that generate brand awareness, drive quality leads, and help you reach new customers.

We can help you achieve your marketing goals across different platforms by connecting you to the right micro influencers.

We do this by marketing your brand through well-known influencer and generatin & reaching new customers through content and recommendations by micro influencers and leveraging our connection to establish your brand.

Our influencer services are:

  • – Influencer review
  • – Content review
  • – Campaign analysis
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Online Reputation Management Services

ORM is about keeping a track of your brand mentions across social media and blogging platforms, and protect it against negative brand associations.

Your digital reputation is as important as in the real world. We can help you maintain positive online reputaion by managing end-to-end reputation of your business online, constantly monitoring the reviews on social media and thorough market and competitive research to understand your target audience.

Our ORM services are:

  • – Risk management
  • – Social media review management
  • – Market research
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Blogger & Vlogger Management

  • We understand that great content can boost the brand identity online.

    With our engineered blogging and vlogging service we help clients plan, develop and promote their brands online using strategically designed blogs and videos perfectling aligned with your business goals. Irrespective of the type of business you run, we can help you differentiate your brand from competitors’ by engaging customers to your business.

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Our Process

Branding & Reputation workcycle

Initial discussion and Identify Objectives

We do initial dicussion to understand in-depth business requirements,goals and objectives. After inital audit,Our experts create a digital marketing layout to achieve your business objectives.

Account Management and Strategy

Our strategists, creatives and researchers work together to define platform-specific marketing strategies, social media management,Influencer Marketing, Blogger Management,Vlogger Management, ORM Analytics.

Analytics and Insights

Our experts collect data and generate insigths to help you overcome complex business challenges.


This makes us unique

Branding and Reputation

Our expert team ensures tailored strategies for your business that guarantees you better results and to scale through optimisations with continual improvements.



We build personas- different types of people your brand will appeal to, how you will connect with them. We do this by generating and engaging users to your brand with our expert strategies.


Latest Tools & Technology

We used latest tools & technology and features for your business needs.


Market Analysis

Our team work collaboratively on marketing strategies to achieve your business goals and uncover meaningful insight.

Our Agile Methodology

This is how we do it:

Gathering Insights:

We dicuss with your team to get a thorough the understanding of all business requirements. In this step we gather the aspirations of your brand, align your vision, and set goals & objectives for the rest of the project.

Competitor Analysis:

By studying how competitors are presenting themselves, we identify brand territory as well as whitespace. Apart from direct competitors,we look for inspiration in other industries.

Audience Research:

With all collected and complied data and research, We build personas -different types of people your brand will appeal to, how you will connect with them.

Insights and Concept img
Insights + Concept:

Bringing our research together, we complie the insights, the brand concept, and our creativity . We create srategies that are creative, methodical with research and experience.


Putting your mission, vision, goals in words and mixing it with our strategies, we craft your powerful brand story. It is everything from logo design to digital presence.

Action & Outlook:

After suming all the above step, we run the branding and reputation strategies to move towards a new transformation which will have a long lasting results.


Web Design, Development, SEO, Digital Marketing in India - SLANG Software