The testing phase of product development ensures that the product operates as expected. This phase begins after the implementation of the product requirements. Depending on the development methodology used, the testing will occur at different times during the project:

Waterfall methodology: Testing occurs upon completion of all product development for the product release. Agile methodology: Testing occurs as soon as a functioning requirement (regardless of its size) is built. During the testing phase, testing groups will employ a number of methods to ensure that the product operates as expected. Your methods for testing might vary depending on the type of product you are building but the concepts remain very similar.

Testers can use personas and product requirements to create their own “test cases,” which concentrate on a requirement’s outcomes. Test cases probe each way a user may interact with a feature.

The goal is to find all possible situations that the developer might not have considered. The process of creating test cases often identifies gaps in requirements, and changes that might be necessitated.