Release management process is a demanding operation. The goal of release management is to preserve the integrity and availability of production systems while deploying new software and hardware. Several processes are included under the umbrella of release management: Planning software and hardware releases Testing releases Developing software distribution procedures Coordinating communications and training about releases Release management process is the bridge that moves assets from development into production.

Agile Release Management – supporting faster, more frequent and typically smaller releases to respond faster to market needs. Agile release management is focused on process automation driven by Application Release Automation technology (either home-grown or package solutions) and cooperation between development and operations (DevOps) to streamline the software development process.

ITIL/ITSM Release Management – typically practiced by larger organizations. ITIL release management focuses on organizational processes and procedures that ensure software works as expected, meets its goals, and that problems and issues are remedied and prevented in an orderly manner. The underlying assumption of this paradigm is that most of the release management process is managed by people.