Product Management

Once individuals get into the habit of cultivating an idea, nurturing it and taking it to fruition, it becomes second nature to them. Given any new problem, they start looking at whether there are others who face the same problem and if there is a way to address most of the needs through one solution. And that is the essence of Product Management.

Product Management has taught us that the principles are applicable not just to solution building, but also to any activity that we do. The rigor that Product Management infuses into any business is the same as it brings into a product. We have successfully implemented our seven-stage methodology into solutions that we are building as well as the practice/lines of businesses that we run. It has also helped us evaluate newer service businesses that we've wanted to get into. The level of detailing that is brought in by the Product Management function in evaluating the opportunity has ensured that we take informed decisions based on the commercial viability of the service line as opposed to individual preferences.