Although many people think the aim of a product design process is to create something cool and good-looking, this comprises just the tip of the iceberg. Product design primarily wants to help us understand people’s pains, and create a product that will help them solve these problems. Thus we can create useful products. Planning the exact steps which the users go through when they use a product also plays a crucial role. Make products easy to use – because otherwise, people will use them once or twice without becoming at all engaged. Product designers mainly try to find the needs of the product’s target group and their solutions. Here at SLANG, we always follow a four-step product design process to solve this mind-breaker: Understand people’s pains and needs: product discovery Share the findings with the whole product team Brainstorm on possible solution ideas and determine what to build Design the product and iterate: test and modify it until it works in the hands of our users, too.